Missouri 22nd Judicial Circuit Court Data Conversion

Problem: The 22nd Judicial Circuit was due to convert form legacy AS400 and mainframe case management systems to an Oracle-based case management system. More than twenty-five years of case data needed to be converted into individual XML formatted files.

Solution: Using Oracle's XML developer technology, Karpel Solutions developed custom software to extract the AS400 data and transform it into XML data files which could then be imported into the Oracle-based system. Karpel Solutions performed three “mock” imports over a six month period, improving the efficiency and accuracy of the export with each trial run. The data was converted and imported successfully, allowing the 22nd Judicial Circuit to transition to 21st century technology with a minimum of down-time. Karpel Systems completed the task under budget and on time.

Solution Technology Server: Windows 2003/AS400
Database: Oracle/DB2
Language: XML