Grimco and CRMbyKARPEL

Grimco Inc. dramatically improved customer service and sales response this year after installing CRMbyKARPEL, a customer relationship management (CRM) software by Karpel Computer Systems.

Phil Green, an outside salesperson at Grimco, thinks it has made a huge impact on the way sales happen. “While driving down the highway, I received a phone call from an upset customer,” says Green, “He was promised a quote last week and was giving me one more chance to get his business. He was willing to stay on the phone while I pulled onto the shoulder and opened my laptop. I reviewed his account using CRMbyKARPEL and clarified his needs. While sitting in my car, I finished the quotation and e-mailed it to my customer.”

“My customer was astounded at the quick turnaround,” reports Green. “He reviewed the quote and agreed to proceed with the order on the spot. This program turned a negative situation into a positive one in under two minutes. I think I was just as amazed as he was. I would have never dreamed of providing that kind of service before this technology was available.”

Grimco Inc. is a large sign supply distributor with 16 locations, 225 employees and roughly 25,000 active customers across the nation. This customized CRM software package has allowed Grimco to organize its sales effort throughout the company. Because CRMbyKARPEL integrates directly into their back-office system, everyone is working off the same data.