First Bank ACH Prepaid Debit Card

First Bank started development of their prepaid card product line in 2002. Our initial focus was to tap into the unbanked consumer market by developing a product that could be used for routine spending, but also allowed the consumer to reload or replenish funds on the card for continued use. One of the challenges that we were faced with was coming up with a recognized approach to replenishing funds that could be used widely and easily. Since the majority of our potential cardholders also held employment, we looked at developing a "payroll" card that could be replenished via ACH.

With that, we looked to Karpel Computer Systems for development. In the end, we were presented with a full end-to-end replenishment solution for virtually any prepaid card product that we currently offer or may offer in the future.

First Bank currently issues two unique prepaid card products. Each card is marketed and supported by a third party processing company that accepts and processes the transactions performed in both the replenishment process via ACH and the general usage/spending of funds once they are made available on the card. To date, Karpel Computer System's interface has allowed for more than $2 million in funds to be applied and used by cardholders annually.

Chris Kieffer
Vice President
Electronic Banking First Banks, Inc