Alberici E-Timesheets

Problem: Alberici Construction Company needed a fast and easy way for employees to enter their time against construction projects. The existing paper system was inadequate to handle the volume and accuracy they demanded.

Solution: Karpel Solutions created the E-Timesheet web based application that can be used by employees anywhere on the Alberici network. The E-Timesheet software will validate the employee number and details by interfacing to the Ultimate Software Group’s UltiPro Human Resources system. Once the employee is validated the user enters their time against specific projects. To validate project numbers the system was integrated to the Construction Group Company software system. Once the employee’s time is logged against the projects for the week an e-mail is sent to the employee’s supervisor indicating their time is ready to be reviewed. The supervisors log into the system and a grid of all of their employees is displayed with drill down capabilities that allow the supervisor to validate entered projects and hours. The supervisor presses the authorize button and the time information is sent to an AS/400 to produce time reports and payroll information. Once the supervisor authorizes an employees time, an e-mail is sent to the employee confirming their time. An additional feature of the E-timesheet application are unlimited number of templates that are stored for each employee allowing them to save their time, projects and work descriptions so they can be reused and modified on following weeks, thereby saving time on data entry.

Solution Technology Server: Windows 2000
Database: SQL
Language: VB.NET
Display: ASP.NET