CRMbyKARPEL addresses the needs of Marketing, Sales & Distribution, Customer Service and Support divisions within your organization. CRMbyKARPEL allows your organization to integrate your divisions to manage customers through the entire lifecycle of your business. Our software will also improve internal efficiency, track customer histories and provide appropriate support and consequently retain customers. CRMbyKARPEL is built with Microsoft .NET technology and integrates with Microsoft Office, Excel and Exchange.

CRMbyKARPEL was written by Karpel Solutions with C#.NET and ASP.NET Microsoft development tools. The strength of our CRM is that we can easily make modifications and tailor the application to meet your company’s needs. The features of the application include export to Excel, importing lists using csv files, email and letter generation, tracking activities, accepting documents, and flexible search capabilities. Karpel Solutions has interfaced our CRM with many platforms including AS/400s, Oracle and Microsoft. The program has been used in many business environments including distribution, manufacturing, banking, government and service.

CRMbyKARPEL can be purchased or leased on our servers by the month to ease into the application. It is perfect for small or large businesses, and being web based is accessible from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

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