Our fully integrated, browser-based criminal case management program takes advantage of today's best business software to help Prosecutors and District Attorneys streamline processes and dramatically increase productivity. Find out more now.



Through iNSIGHTbyKARPEL we offer a full suite of expertly Managed IT Services. If you are an ambitious business, in any industry, looking to eliminate downtime and increase productivity through a better use of technology, talk to the iNSIGHT team today.


Custom Software Solutions

Our custom approach to solving complex business problems has been the basis of our success. The KCS team draws on a wide variety of skills to custom build cost effective software applications.

With certified experts in industry-leading software you can rest assured knowing the best and brightest are creating your solutions. Follow-up and a strong commitment to 24 hour, 7 day a week technical support help us achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

For an idea of our extensive capabilities, explore some of our success stories in the links to the left. Then contact us anytime to discuss your computer facility needs.


Karpel Solutions built PROSECUTORbyKARPEL using Microsoft ASP.NET, SQL Server and Office technologies and AJAX. This product was already performing...Read more


Karpel Solutions built DEFENDERbyKARPEL to arm defense attorneys with the same powerful tools used by prosecutors nationwide. For years... Read more


CRMbyKARPEL addresses the needs of Marketing, Sales & Distribution, Customer Service and Support divisions within your organization...Read more


Play it smart with iNSIGHT, a set of comprehensive IT management services at a predictable and affordable monthly cost. iNSIGHT provides top class IT services and...Read more

Body Shop Scheduling

Auto Body Shop Workload Scheduling System was developed in cooperation with Schaefer Auto Body in St Louis, Missouri to distribute workload over multiple days and shops...Read more


Our Disbursa® system (patent pending) is the only fully accessible online disbursing software ...Read more


eKennelwood is an Enterprise custom software design built to address the Marketing, Customer Service, Sales and Payroll solution...Read more


CarScheduler is a unique automotive shop time management tool. This sophisticated and easy to use software will help reduce costs by minimizing the time ...Read more